Can I Have Facebook Marketplace Back?

Can I Have Facebook Marketplace Back? The Facebook Marketplace isn’t available to everyone at the moment. 
How to access the facebook marketplace is very simple and easy. Here are the steps you’ll need.

Important Links:

First, try visiting Facebook Marketplace from this link.

See: how to sell on facebook marketplace – Facebook marketplace selling rules

If the link doesn’t work for you, if your access was removed, or if you don’t see the Marketplace shortcut in the Facebook app, continue below for more information.

Can I Have Facebook Marketplace Back?

Why the Facebook Marketplace icon is missing from Main FB (Reasons) 
Here are some of the reasons you can’t access the facebook marketplace at the moment.
#1 Your home region is not supported

#2 You may be in an unsupported country

#3 You are Age must be 18 years

#4 You are using a New Facebook Account

#5 The iPod touch is not supported

#6 Your Facebook is not Up to date

#7 Language Used not supported

#8 Dynamic Menu

How to Eligible to get The Facebook Marketplace 
You must be eligible to get the Facebook Marketplace. If you want to get this option so there are several things to try to enrol in the Marketplace?

1. Update your Facebook App

2. Sign out of the Facebook App or Website and then sign in again

3. Change your Home address to a country of the 70 supported by Facebook Marketplace.

4. Use your new Facebook account Daily, Add friends, Comment on posts. When the Facebook realized that your FB account is real to make and not a fake to see products, the functionality of the Marketplace may be appearing to you.

5. Directly visit the Facebook Marketplace in a web browser and this is the best option to show up on your account.

6. Make sure you are using a supported language to use the feature

7. Your age must be 18 years or above

How To Access Facebook Marketplace O Mobile App
If you’re using your mobile phone to access the facebook app, you can follow the below instructions to access Facebook Marketplace using;
> Open your FB App
> Tap the Main Menu
> Select Marketplace from the Secondary menu
> Tap the See More if you didn’t see the link in the above and to view all the hidden menu options
> You can find the FB Marketplace while using the above two methods.

However, sometimes the option is not visible and hide completely due to some technical problem or an account restriction.

That is it on Can I Have Facebook Marketplace Back?

I hope this article was helpful.

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