$1000 Emerging Leaders-Get a Scholarship to Study

$1000 Emerging Leaders

The $1000 Emerging Leaders Scholarship will provide $1,000 to students who have shown excellent leadership qualities and a sincere interest in becoming leaders.In Addition The Emerging Leaders Program at Weber State University is a 12-month initiative designed to help students do this. The $1,000 Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program is based on the idea that self-knowledge leads to self-leadership, which in turn leads to the leadership of others, and participants engage in an experiential, hands-on approach throughout the course of the year to develop by doing rather than being lectured Scholarship.

$1000 Emerging Leaders Requirement

  • A summary of what leadership entails is necessary. Any leadership positions outside of the Honor Society are also admissible.
  • Members must post a photo of themselves and complete their Honor Society profile.
  • In no more than 500 words, explain how your leadership role has impacted your major, your life, or your objectives.
  • Attached is a copy of the most recent transcript. (An unofficial transcript may be submitted with an application.) The winner must present an official transcript before the award can be given out.)

$1000 Emerging Leaders Eligibility for Application

  • The candidate needs to be an active Honor Society member.
  • Members must post a photo of themselves and complete their Honor Society profile.
  • The candidate must be prepared to provide a written or video testimonial about their leadership experience and the scholarship.

Scholarship Procedures

A scholarship or scholarships may be given out each year. Depending on the student’s academic standing, the prize may be renewed for up to four years. The prize must cover educational costs other than tuition.

$1000 Emerging Leaders,Scholarship,Worth Over $1,500 per year

Each year, amounts are decided based on the quantity of applicants and the number of awards available. Typically, students receive between $1,000 and $1,500 year.

How to Apply for Schorlarship

click Here to Apply for the Emerging Leaders,Scholarship

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