$2,000 Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship-get application to study

$2000 Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship

The $2000 Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship is the topic of this article. The Honorsociety.org undergraduate achiever scholarship 2022/2023 is intended to recognise and honor driven undergrads who excel in both their academic and extracurricular endeavors.

The ambitious undergraduate student member who excels in academic, professional, and personal achievements will be given a $2,000 merit scholarship. There will be one beneficiary per month in 2020.

 $2000 Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship-Requirement

  • written synopsis of your current course of study and past accomplishments (academic, professional, personal, honors, awards etc).
  • Members are required to finish their Honor Society profiles and upload a headshot.
  • 500 words maximum to explain how your studies have affected your life or aspirations.
  • Your most recent GPA as well as a copy of your transcript. (Applicant may use unofficial transcript. Before the scholarship is awarded, the recipient will be required to provide an official transcript.

$2000 Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship-Worth Over$200,000 

Offering scholarships worth up to $2,000. The scholarship will be worth $200,000 in total.

$2000 Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship-Criteria:

based on overall application criteria and academic achievement (GPA, honors, and awards) (leadership positions, community service, etc). Candidates will be evaluated using a rubric. A winner will be chosen at random from the tied candidates if there is a tie.

Deadline Information

The deadline for this scholarship is November 15th, Sunday.

$2000 Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship-Eligibility Requirement

  • The candidate needs to be a current Honor Society member.
  • Members are required to finish their Honor Society profiles and upload a headshot.
  • The applicant must feel at ease discussing their program and the scholarship in a video and/or written testimony.

How to Apply

Click Here and Summit the Application Now

Announcement of recipients

Our scholarship award procedure has been streamlined and enhanced! After the award deadline, recipients can anticipate hearing from us in the first three weeks. The awardees will be made known to the public on the Internet, in our monthly newsletter, and on social media within six weeks. Applications will be taken into consideration for up to three months after they are submitted due to the rolling announcement of scholarships. After three or more months from the initial submission, feel free to submit an updated application.

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