Energy Sources of Today and Why Alternatives Are Needed – Top Rated Technology

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Energy Sources of Today and Why Alternatives Are Needed – Top Rated Technology: One of the main contributors to the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is the production of energy. We all use electricity every day in fact we treat it as a given, we flick the switch and on go the lights, the television, and the microwave but have you ever stopped to consider where your energy is coming from? If you haven’t, then you might not realize that most of our current energy needs are mostly being met by fossil fuels and coal.

Energy Sources of Today and Why Alternatives Are Needed – Top Rated Technology

Both of these energy sources are responsible for a lot of the toxic carbon dioxide that is currently in our atmosphere and it is because of these carbon dioxide emissions that scientists are growing increasingly concerned with its impact on our environment.

Because the rate at which we are using our current energy sources will see them depleted before too long, we must find clean, renewable, sustainable sources of energy to replace them. Of course, the all-important reason for being in pursuit of these alternatives is because what we currently are using is harming our climate. People need to become more aware of how their normal everyday usage of electric is causing this harm and become motivated to look for alternatives.

Today energy companies are looking into using solar and wind energy on a wider basis than they are currently being used. In areas where there are lakes and rivers that can be reigned in, dams are a good source of hydro power. Where there are consistently moderate winds blowing, wind energy can be harnessed and is a great alternative form of energy, but not many areas fall into this category and the ones that do might not have access to an amount of wind energy to meet their demands.

Right now researchers all over the globe are trying to find alternative energy sources. The most common yet controversial form of energy that does not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is nuclear power, but concerns over the dangers of contamination and melt downs have kept nuclear power from developing on a larger scale. Nuclear power may be a clean form of energy but is not without its share of downfalls, it produces harmful nuclear waste which takes millions of years to break down which can only be stored. This is problematic considering we only have so much land for storage and being contained in this way, the nuclear byproducts could eventually leach into the environment.

Until such time as a discovery is made that can help reduce our current energy problems, what we can all do to lend a helping hand, is to consistently cut back on our energy usage. Studies have shown that if we take the time to turn off the lights we are not using, it would reduce by up to 25%, the total amount of energy being consumed.

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