How Do I Create Your New Facebook Avatar | Share Your Facebook Avatar


Are you here because you are looking for a guide on how to Create Your New Facebook Avatar? If your answer is yes, here is a comprehensive and straight to the point guide on creating facebook avatar. Interestingly, this guide will also show you the steps you need to follow to share your facebook avatar with your friends and loved ones!!!

If you a Facebook veteran, you will realize that emojis are one of the easiest means for people to express themselves on Facebook. With emojis and bitmoji on facebook social media platform, users can comment on Facebook, and do lots of other things.

In order to make communication easier on Facebook, and for people to express themselves a lot better, Facebook has initiated the Facebook Avatar feature.

This article is all about how to create an avatar on facebook.

The Facebook avatar was introduced to enable users to create a carton of themselves, and share on Facebook and also other social media platforms. Interestingly, facebook users can use the avatar they create themselves as stickers and also use it to comment on Facebook.

The Facebook Avatar utilises emojis to express emotion in a comment, Facebook stories, and Messenger and comes with special features such as smiley face icon and changing of skin tone, hairstyle, etc.

The processes involved in accessing the Facebook avatar, and creating your desired avatar are very easy, whether you are using an Android or iOS.

To access the Facebook avatar, you will first off, download and install the official Facebook mobile application from your Android or iOS app store.

Once you are done with that, you will need to sign in to your Facebook account. Listed below are the steps you need to follow to get that done right away.

Steps On How To Make a Facebook Avatar

How to create your own Facebook Avatar is very easy. To create a Facebook avatar, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. First off, open up the Facebook app on your smartphone (The feature works for both iOS or Android). Next, you will need to click on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

2. Now, you will need to locate and click on the Menu button, Scroll down and click “See More”

3. Continue, you will need to click on “Avatars.”

4. Once you undertake the above steps, a page pops-up showing animated cartoon images, at the bottom, click on Next.

5. Afterward, another page pops-up showing other images of animated pictures, click on “Get started”.

6. After clicking, a page pops-up showing images of a particular animated picture in different skin tone. Choose one out of the skin tone that suits you and click on “Next”.

7. After that, a page pops-up showing an animated image showing you ways of customizing your image, and there is a mirror icon near the top-right corner of the screen to open your device’s front-facing camera, which will allow you to look at yourself as you create your Avatar and also create allow you create a selfie for yourself.

8. Click on “Next” after customizing the animated image

9. After that, click on “Done”.

That is it on How Do I Create Your New Facebook Avatar | Share Your Facebook Avatar. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!

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