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Bright Flight Scholarship

In this article lets talk about Bright Flight Scholarship, Bright Flight is a Missouri merit-based scholarship available to eligible graduating high school seniors who plan to attend a Missouri-accredited college or university, with a current maximum award amount of $3000 annually. The actual scholarship award is sometimes less than the maximum amount because it depends on state financing. 8390 kids participated in the Bright Flight program from June 2004 to July 2005, costing the state more than $15 million.

The Missouri General Assembly approved an initial statutory ceiling of $2000 per year for students in this funding source in 1986. Many students and representatives of higher education have noted that tuition costs, for instance, at the University of Missouri were around $2,000 in 1987 and were thus entirely covered by Bright Flight upon its launch. After a period of tuition rises that far surpassed inflation, Bright Flight only covered a small portion of the average student’s tuition at the University of Missouri in 2017, which was more than $11,000.

Bright Flight Scholarship,Qualifications

  • According to normalized test results, the ACT, and SAT composite scores, a student must rank in the top 3% of his or her statewide high school class to be eligible for the Bright Flight maximum award of $3000 annually. A 31 or higher on the ACT or a SAT-equivalent score has been required in the past and for a number of years, however the score can fluctuate every year. For the 2020–2021 academic year, a composite score of 31 will be required to be eligible for the college freshmen class.
  • According to the statute, students in the 4th and 5th percentiles are also eligible for a $1,000 annual scholarship; however, the Missouri Legislature has not recently provided funding for this award, therefore these students have not actually received any money. In recent years, college freshman with an ACT composite score of 30 (or higher) qualified for the 4th and 5th percentile.
  • Students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA in college and be enrolled full-time to continue receiving the scholarship, which is renewable for up to five years.
  • Students must not be enrolled in a theology or divinity program.
  • Students at Bright Flight are required to attend class every day. Except for jobs with non-profits, positions with the government, and military duty, they cannot stop attending school. A break from school cannot go longer than 27 months.

Bright Flight Scholarship,Eligibility Requirement

  • undergraduate student is required.
  • must enrol in a university, a two- or four-year college, or a vocational-technical institution.
  • US citizenship is required.
  • must not be currently enrolled in high school
  • A full-time student must.
  • restricted to Missouri residents.

Bright Flight Scholarship,Worth Over $10,856,464

The lowest amount awarded to students who successfully won the scholarship program is $1,000 but the actual amount scholarship program awards is $3000 while in general the scholarship program awards total a total amount of $10,856,464

How to Apply

800-473-6757, extension 4.



you can also CLICK  HERE to start the registration process





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