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Build Learn Grow Scholarship

Talking about the Build Learn Grow Scholarship,Following the COVID-19 epidemic, the Build, Learn, Grow Scholarship Program was established in April 2021 to give Indiana families financial assistance so that their children could have access to high-quality early childhood education and after-school care. Since the program’s inception, approximately 16,000 kids and their families have signed up for it, and more than 1,700 service providers have benefited from the rise in participation. By temporarily increasing Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) assistance and enticing providers to serve families more broadly with recent Stabilization Grant funding, Indiana is aiming to continue supporting disadvantaged scholarship families as the program comes to an end.

Build Learn Grow Scholarship,Eligibility Requirement

Families that qualify must have at least one person employed as an essential worker, such as someone who provides healthcare or food. Additionally, there are criteria for income eligibility.

Build Learn Grow Scholarship,Covers over 20-80%

Up to 80% of a child’s early care and education, summer learning, or before- and after-school care costs are covered by scholarships, ensuring that families have access to the care and education their children require. For kids with families, aged zero to twelve, more than 40,000 scholarships are still available.

who is a member and works in a vital sector. Families whose at least one adult is employed in a crucial

Businesses of all income levels are encouraged to apply. The quantity of support supplied will be

according to the household’s income. Learn More

In order to make the most of its $1 billion in federal relief funds, Indiana launched the Build, Learn, Grow program. Its objectives are to support the development of a dependable child care infrastructure, the creation of new learning opportunities for young students, and community growth. The state has so far dispersed hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, providing assistance to families and aiding in the stabilization of service providers‘ businesses. Even though there is still more to be done, we appreciate the participation and wisdom of our partners and stakeholders from all over the state who have influenced and continue to influence this crucial effort.

Keeping track of system recovery

Understanding the availability and demand for child care is essential for assisting kids, families, and communities. An enrollment reporting tool was introduced by the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning in April 2021 to gather information on supply and demand and to guide ongoing relief efforts. A simple, mobile interface is used by over 3,000 organizations to send monthly program enrollment statistics and limited workforce indicators. The information fuels a statewide enrollment dashboard that tracks system capacity, enrollment trends by program type, degree of quality, and geographic location, as well as open vacancies for classroom teachers.

The number of children served by early care and education programs increased 25% between April 27 and November 30, 2021, while the number of open teaching positions decreased 16.5%. The maximum number of children that early care and education programs can accommodate increased by 14.5%. The maximum enrollment increased the most within Paths to QUALITY Level 4 programs (by 23.3%).



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