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Charleston Car Accident Attorney

Obtaining the compensation you require to recuperate after a car accident can be challenging. If you need assistance recovering from your accident-related losses, contact a Charleston Car Accident Attorney.

There are a lot of cars on the roads because Charleston is a busy city. Accidents can still occur even though the majority of us are aware of the traffic laws. Unfortunately, that means you can have serious injuries in addition to the costs and lost pay that follow a crash.

If you don’t obtain the support you require, you can be in a challenging financial, emotional, and physical situation for years after the disaster. It’s difficult to pursue compensation, and the party at fault will almost definitely fight back to avoid covering your crash-related losses.

You could require the assistance of a Charleston car accident attorney if this occurs. They are aware of how upsetting and unpleasant an auto accident can be, as well as how simple it is to forfeit your right to compensation. Speak with a lawyer about your case rather than tackling the upcoming challenges alone.

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Charleston Car Accident Attorney

How much does a Charleston car accident lawyer charge? (About $300 per hour)

A Charleston Car Accident Attorney who has been practicing law for 3 years but has only filed 4 family court cases recently asked the court to grant $300 per hour in legal fees in a recent car accident case.

To put this attorney’s hourly rate into perspective, many Charleston car accident attorneys with 15 to 20 years of experience and who have handled hundreds of cases bill roughly $300 an hour. So, after thinking about this lawyer’s hourly charge, I began to wonder what a fair legal price in Charleston would be.

However, 30% to 40% is the average range for Charleston legal fees. For instance, if you receive a settlement for $100,000 and the attorney’s fee is $33,000, you would pay the attorney $33,000 of the payout.

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Car accident attorneys will walk you through these claim processes.

Let’s talk about what you should do after an accident in Charleston to increase your chances of receiving financial recompense now that you are aware of some of the harm that can result from vehicle collisions. You can get assistance from a capable auto accident attorney throughout these procedures.

Put a Report in

Any vehicle accident lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina will tell you that you are required by law to alert local law enforcement authorities after an auto accident that results in injury or significant property damage.

When the police are called, participate fully with the reporting process and refrain from saying anything that could be construed as accepting culpability for the mishap.

Avoid apologizing and generally keeping the conversation with the other driver to a minimum to prevent words from being used against you in the future.

Make sure to exchange information with the other driver, acquiring their name, phone number, and insurance information, assuming your condition permits it.

Note any pertinent details about the collision, including where your automobiles were parked, potential crash causes, etc.

Also note the names and contact details of any witnesses who may have seen the collision and may be able to provide evidence as to who was at fault. This information will later be helpful to the auto accident attorney handling your case.

Let an attorney fight for you

Visit the doctor

When the reports are finished, it’s imperative that you go see a doctor to have examined out. Numerous injuries may not immediately manifest themselves, as we already described.

Things like head and neck damage or severe brain injuries may at first seem insignificant, but they can develop into serious issues over time. By seeking care as soon as possible, you can perhaps prevent your health from getting worse.

Going to the doctor as soon as possible after a collision is also a smart idea because it reduces the possibility that the insurance provider would later claim that you faked your health issues.

When victims put off getting medical attention, insurance companies may interpret this as a sign that they weren’t actually wounded or that whatever injuries they did get occurred elsewhere and weren’t related to the vehicle accident.

It is a good idea to get medical attention as soon as you can and have your health documented in a legal medical file in order to support your claim with the auto accident attorney.

Identifying Fault

The battle to recover damages in a South Carolina traffic accident depends heavily on determining who was at blame. Furthermore, the more specific facts the auto accident attorney has, the better.

In Charleston, fault is determined by whose carelessness, recklessness, or negligence contributed to the accident. The burden of proof is with the plaintiffs to establish that the defendant failed to drive the vehicle with a reasonable degree of caution and that this failure contributed to the injury-causing accident.

Compile evidence

It is essential to gather all the required paperwork before contacting the at-fault driver’s insurance company after hiring a car accident lawyer to handle your case. Reaching out to physicians, radiologists, chiropractors, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and any other medical professionals who provided care after the accident.

It is necessary to compile the medical records and expenses, as well as accident reports. It is possible to acquire witness accounts, and in some cases, accident “reconstructionists” may need to be contacted.

When everything is finished, the auto accident lawyer will have the paperwork needed to send a demand letter to the insurance company in charge of covering the losses.

Send a demand letter.

The demand letter details the accident’s precise events as well as the harm the plaintiff experienced as a result of the accident. The letter should go into great detail about the plaintiff’s ailments and list all the costs related to the damage claim.

If there are ongoing medical issues that may require care in the future, those issues must also be described and their costs calculated. Last but not least, the demand letter must ask for payment in an amount sufficient to properly atone for the injury the victim has endured.

A claims adjuster will assess the situation after the demand letter has been delivered to the insurance provider, and settlement negotiations will then start.

You can check in with your vehicle accident attorney to see how things are going, but you’ll need to be patient because it could take months to get everything settled.

How much does a local Charleston car accident lawyer charge? $100 – $1,000

In small towns or rural areas, attorneys may bill between $100 and $200 per hour. In a large metropolis, a lawyer might bill $200 to $400 per hour. Specialized attorneys with extensive knowledge in a particular field of law, such patent or intellectual property law, may bill between $500 and $1,000 per hour.

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