Mba Programs Scholarship International Student-get an application to study

Mba Programs Scholarship International Student

Mba Programs Scholarship International Student,The most popular graduate degree program in the entire globe is the MBA. Apply for MBA Scholarships for International Students 2023 if you intend to get an MBA in 2023. Master of Business Administration, or MBA. Many universities provide MBA scholarships, and there are numerous MBA scholarships that are now available. Harvard University introduced the MBA for the first time (Now it is Harvard Business School).

When compared to other master’s degree programs, the MBA can be more expensive. For this reason, we have gathered a solid selection of fully funded Scholarships for MBA students all over the world. You can apply directly for the MBA degree program if you have already earned a business degree. However, if you wish to pursue an MBA in the future and your undergraduate degree is not in business. Therefore, you must first have work experience for a year or two. because MBA students who are not studying business must have work experience.

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Mba Programs Scholarship International Student,Eligibility Requirement

How to apply for this MBA scholarship:

  • You must have applied for an MBA program that starts in the fall of 2023, or you will apply.
  • A maximum of five years of relevant professional work experience is required.
  • You must fulfill the prerequisites for admission to your desired university or business school, which may include:
  •          possessing an undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree that is current
  •          meeting the program’s language requirements
  •          You must possess the necessary study visa or be qualified to apply for one (if applicable).
  •          There must be a country where you are studying abroad:
  •                       where you are a foreign national
  •                that you currently do not live in (unless currently studying abroad)

Looking for a scholarship for an online MBA? You’re in the proper location! The MBA program can be taken remotely from a school in a nation where you don’t have citizenship or permanent residency.

Mba Programs Scholarship International Student,Application Requirement

Have questions about the Go Global MBA Scholarship application process?

You must submit your completed application by April 24, 2023, at 12:00 CEST in order to be taken into consideration.

The application includes:

  • completing a brief form
  • submitting a one-sentence pitch
  • submitting a brief essay (400–500 words) on how an MBA program can help you develop as a leader with a global perspective and accomplish your career goals.

Application materials must be sent in English. Applications submitted in other languages won’t be accepted. Similar to that, applications that include anything but the application essay, such as a CV, academic transcripts, certifications, or other papers, won’t be considered.

If you are chosen as a finalist, you might need to submit:

  • A copy of your admission letter serves as evidence of your admittance to the university.
  • A copy of your transcript, which serves as documentation of your undergraduate degree
  • A copy of your passport serving as identification proof
  • Your CV or resume, which serves as evidence of your professional career history

Document copies must be color-scanned. In the event that you are chosen as a finalist, kindly have these documents available. You will have seven days from the time you learn that you have been chosen as a finalist to give us this supporting evidence.

Should you be declared the winner, you must:

  • Within three days of receiving the scholarship offer, respond to confirm your acceptance.

Mba Programs Scholarship International Student,Cost£30,000

Every two years, the Boustany Foundation awards successful offer holders of Cambridge’s MBA program with £30,000 (about US$39,672) in funding. The scholarship can be awarded to students from any nation, but priority will be given to Lebanese candidates. Successful candidates will be admitted automatically to Pembroke College.

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