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Nlu Scholarship

In this article lets talk about Nlu Scholarship,A private university with its main campus in Chicago, Illinois, is called National Louis University (NLU). Over 60 undergraduate and graduate understudies work on projects at NLU’s four schools. It has locations all across the Chicago metropolitan area in addition to neighborhood grounds in Tampa, Florida, where it educates students from 13 provinces in the central section of that state.

Since it was founded in 1886, NLU plays has made a significant contribution to education. Its founders promoted the value of academic and professional preparation in youth training theory and practice, launched the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and contributed to the National Kindergarten Movement.For applied research projects in metropolitan turn of events, youth advancement, school improvement, and educator readiness, NLU has received more than $65 million in funding. Its graduating class has held positions in the Illinois state government and received numerous James Beard grants; the National College of Education’s class of 1976 has received special recognition from the Golden Apple Foundations of Chicago and Rockford.

The NLU International Fresh Start Scholarship will be given automatically to all incoming international students who are freshmen (20 semester/30 quarter hours or less of transfer credit) and beginning their university coursework in NLU’s Undergraduate College for the first time on-campus in Chicago or Wheeling.

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Nlu Scholarship,Eligibility Criteria

You must prove your eligibility in order to be taken into consideration for a scholarship at NLU:

  • The application is open to all international students with valid F1 student visas.
  • They must be first-time freshmen (with fewer than 20 semester or 30 quarter hours of college-level curriculum already completed).
  • The applicants are enrolled in an NLU Undergraduate College undergraduate program.
  • The applicants must be brand-new students starting their NLU program on-campus at the Wheeling or Chicago campuses.
  • Each academic year, candidates are only permitted to use one NLU resource.
  • Keep in mind that NLU Scholarships are exclusively intended to support tuition costs; they are not transferable to students.
  • The students must continue to enroll and remain enrolled full-time (14+ credits/term) in order to continue receiving the scholarship (summer is optional).
  • The pupils are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00.
  • The university’s policies should be understood by the students, and they must retain their F1 visa status in order to continue to be eligible for NLU Scholarships.

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Nlu Scholarship,Cost Over $10,755

The NLU International Fresh Start Scholarship lowers tuition by 44% and is renewable for each academic term. The current per credit hour pricing for UGC programs of study is $430 per quarter credit hour; however, qualifying students will pay $239 per quarter credit hour in tuition thanks to the NLU International Fresh Start Scholarship. The IFSS raises the annual cost of tuition to $10,755 for three quarters of study.

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Nlu Scholarship,Application Portal


Visit to submit an online application for admission to NLU.
When a student is accepted into their program, meets the qualifications to be a First-Time Freshman, and registers for on-campus classes in Chicago or Wheeling, the scholarship is automatically credited to their accounts.

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