Order Contacts Online Using VSP Insurance-Get a Good Insurance Policy

Order Contacts Online Using VSP Insurance

In this article lets discuss about Order Contacts Online Using VSP Insurance, Although purchasing prescription contact lenses online is nothing new, there used to be no options for those with vision insurance benefits, such as VSP, unless they wanted to pay for their lenses up front and then get reimbursed.

Today, if you have VSP, you can apply your benefits immediately to your order and just pay your out-of-pocket costs on the Eyeconic website, which not only allows you to order your contacts online. Let me demonstrate how simple the procedure is.

If you have vision insurance benefits, you undoubtedly want to be able to use them for your prescription contacts or glasses and incur the least amount of out-of-pocket costs as possible.

You can apply your vision insurance benefits straight to your online order for contacts (or glasses) at Eyeconic, an online eyewear retailer run by VSP. They make the procedure quite simple, and once you’ve entered some information to find your coverage, you can start using it right away.

Order Contacts Online Using VSP Insurance,Procedure to Use VSP benefits online to buy contacts

Purchase Contacts Online From Eyeconic With VSP Insurance:

  • Visit the Eyeconic website at www.Eyeconic.com to get started. If you look at the top navigation menu on the webpage, you will see a link that reads, “Use My Insurance.” Clicking on that will bring up a small pop-up window where you may choose your vision insurance provider.


  • If you have Metlife or Cigna vision insurance, you can also use your benefits on Eyeconic in addition to using your VSP vision insurance coverage.


  • You will be presented with a screen asking for information to verify your vision insurance plan once you have chosen the vision insurance provider you wish to use. This data typically consists of your member ID number, first and last name, and date of birth. After entering everything, you will return to the home screen, but if you look at the top navigation bar, you can notice that your name is listed under the perks category. From here, select the “contact lenses” tab to look for your preferred brand of contacts.


  • All you need to do is enter all of the prescription values once you’ve found the brand of contact lenses that you were prescribed. Grab a copy of the prescription written by your contact and add all the values you notice. Remember that with contact lens prescriptions, you are typically required to purchase the precise brand of contacts that are prescribed. You can click the “Add to Bag” button once you’ve entered the prescription values and decided how many boxes you want.


  • You can view the price of your contact lenses after Eyeconic subtracts what VSP would pay for them once you’ve added the contacts to your cart. You are now ready to go; all you have to do is finish the checkout process.

How to Read a Prescription for Contact Lenses

The details of your prescription for contact lenses are broken down here. If you wanted to know more about what all the values on your prescription imply, have a look below. When completing your order, you would copy over all the data into their relevant boxes.

  • Oculus Dexter, which is Latin for “right eye,” is known by the abbreviation OD.
  • Oculus Sinister, which is Latin for “left eye,” is referred to as OS.


  • SPH stands for “spherical,” and the number represents the potency of the prescription that you require to have your eyesight corrected. This number will have a minus (-) symbol in front of it if you are nearsighted. This number will have a plus (+) sign in front of it if you have farsightedness. This figure represents the diopter unit of measurement.


  • The abbreviation CYL, which stands for “cylinder,” is also expressed in diopters. If you have values in this column, you have astigmatism, which implies your cornea has a little less spherical and more asymmetrical form, similar to an American football.


  • AXIS – If the CYL column of your prescription contains a value, the Axis column must also contain a value. The direction that the lens must be in for your astigmatism to be corrected is represented by this value, which is a unit measured in degrees. There will always be a value for this number between 1 and 180.


  • You will always see a base curve (BC) and diameter (DIA) measurement on your contact lens prescription. The size of the particular contact lenses is indicated by the measurement, which is given in millimeters (mm). There are many sizes of contacts available from some contact lens manufacturers. When ordering contacts online, be careful when duplicating these values because choosing the incorrect size could leave your eyes with contacts that are either too tight or too loose.


  • Every prescription for contact lenses comes with a brand name or name of the lens. You will be fitted with a specific brand of contact lenses that are a good fit for your eyes because they come in a variety of various sizes. Typically, this is decided during the examination and fitting.


  • Not every prescription for contact lenses lists ADD. However, if you require vision correction for both your distance and close vision, you may wear a multi-focal contact lens, which enables you to see both visual fields. In such instance, your prescription for contact lenses will also display a “Add” value.

Additional Online Contacts Ordering Options with VSP Insurance

You do have alternative options if you don’t want to use Eyeconic to get your contact lenses or if you were able to find them elsewhere for a lower price. BUT it’s possible that you won’t be able to apply your benefits to your order straight. You would typically need to pay out of pocket and ask for an itemized receipt so you could send it to VSP for reimbursement.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that when you use your VSP benefits outside of the network, you often receive a much lower benefit than if you went through Eyeconic or another VSP provider.

Order Contacts Online Using VSP Insurance,Worth Over $120-$250.

Depending on where you live and the kind of optometry clinic you visit, the average cost of a routine eye checkup will change.

Having saying that, remember that they are averages. Without insurance, contact lens installations can cost as little as $100. You’ll discover that well-known brands like Walmart and America’s Best will provide the most affordable selections. To locate the most affordable eye test prices for your needs, we advise phoning a few optical/optometry offices in your area.

Discount merchants

In general, eye tests at big-box retailers like Visionworks and Wal-Mart are less expensive than those at private practices run by eye doctors.

While department and big-box store optometrists frequently charge less, they might not perform the thorough contact lens examination you need to obtain contacts that are properly fitted and have superior accommodation properties.

 Insurance Coverage

All eye health and vision exams will cost much less if you have eye insurance.

Your out-of-pocket expenses when purchasing eye insurance are reduced in accordance with the deductible amount you select.

Similar to health insurance, vision insurance assists in covering costs for eye exams, prescriptions, glasses, contact lenses, and even prescription eyewear. We would be happy to talk with you about your options and help you discover eye insurance that meets your needs if you are interested in getting eye and vision insurance.

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