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US Xpress Insurance

In this article US Xpress Insurance, Max Fuller and Patrick Quinn the co-founders of U.S. Xpress, were keen to harness the potential of technology for the benefit of our clients and staff from the very beginning in 1986. With features like forward-facing event recorders, we continue to pave the path for safety. We were proud early adopters of life-saving technology like roll stability and accident prevention systems. Thirty-six years later, we have a lot of experience in this sector that will help us as we continue to invest in and develop new technologies that address long-standing truckload problems in order to improve the flow of goods every day.

Due to the industry’s cyclical nature, many carriers only make plans one or two years in advance. the us xpess insurance company are making preparations for the future ten years or more in the future under the direction of President and CEO Eric Fuller. there have faith in their investments, Their plan, and, most importantly, the team the have assembled as there work to become a true provider of digital transportation solutions that will improve the flow of commodities on a daily basis.

US Xpress Insurance,Safety

U.S. Xpress started spending millions of dollars to make sure that their equipment was among the safest on the road well before the FMCSA’s Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA). By being early users of technology and essential training, US Xpress insurance has safeguarded their drivers — and everyone on the road around them — for decades:

  • ELD
  • Stability and Traction Control
  • Systems that prevent collisions
  • Training Videos for In-Cab Safety
  • Innovative Braking Technology
  • Outside Event Recorder

US Xpress Insurance-Benefits & Perks,Worth Over $48,710, 

In addition to incomes that are considerably higher than the $48,710 national average, U.S. Xpress provides drivers with a wide selection of benefits and perks, such as:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) match
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid orientation
  • Pet and rider program
  • Paid college tuition for drivers and one member of their family (or for two dependents)
  • Driver referral bonuses of up to $4,000
  • Tuition reimbursement of up to $7,000
  • $12,000 bonus for experienced drivers in their first year
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • New equipment averaging 18 months old
  • 1,250-watt inverter in every U.S. Xpress truck

Requirements to Apply

Each potential driver must be at least 21 years old and hold a Class A CDL. The level of prior driving experience needed varies by role. Depending on the position, three to six months of truck driving experience may be necessary for some U.S. Xpress positions. Truck drivers can make more money per mile if they have triple or hazardous CDL endorsements.

The paid orientation program for new truck driver personnel is held at the Georgia training facility in Tunnel Hill that focuses on technology.

US Xpress Insurance-Instructions for Applying 

On the website, interested individuals can apply for a driving position with U.S. Xpress. Your name, contact information, residence, employment history, driving history, license details, and any endorsements you may have obtained, must be provided.

Successful candidates go through a three-day orientation that includes a road test, multiple health exams, and a DOT physical. The orientation website for U.S. Xpress provides information on the necessary tests as well as suggestions for acing exams.

In her YouTube video, truck driver Kayla Taylor describes the orientation procedure from the viewpoint of a candidate. She clarifies that participants get breakfast, lunch, hotel accommodations, and pay for training sessions. She also discusses needing to go through a physical examination, an eye exam, a urine test, and a hair follicle test.

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