Uwa Connect Scholarship- get an Application now to Study

Uwa Connect Scholarship

in this article Uwa Connect Scholarship,A financial stipend of up to $50 per credit hour is available to teachers and prospective teachers who pursue education degrees online through the Teacher Connect program at UWA, which collaborates with school systems. It is applicable to more than 35 online education programs at UWA that lead to certification at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. You may be qualified for a scholarship that will lower the cost of your study if your goal is to become a teacher or improve your marketability as one.

Please send an email HERE for more information and how to partner.

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Uwa Connect Scholarship,Eligibility

  • Student must be working on an online teaching certification degree in education.
  • Work for a school district that takes part in Teacher Connect.
  • GPA for both the program and overall must be 3.0 or higher.
  • Student accounts cannot have holds placed on them or have outstanding balances.
  • The student must be enrolled in the university in good standing.
  • Participation in the program must have the approval of the student’s educational system.
  • If a student obtains a failing mark in a course, the Teacher Connect Scholarship will no longer be available to them. It will also no longer apply to any repeated coursework.
  • Follow the Connect Calendar’s published deadlines for Teacher Connect.

Uwa Connect Scholarship,Cost,{AUD48,000}

For students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the scholarship award, in the form of a yearly tuition fee discount, is up to AUD 36,000–48,000 over three to four years, and up to AUD 24,000 over two years for postgraduates.
The applicant’s equivalent Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or UWA weighted average mark determines the Scholarship’s worth (WAM). For information, visit the official website (link is provided below).

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Uwa Connect Scholarship,How to Apply

In order to take part in the TEACHER CONNECT Program (even if you have received the scholarship in the past)

  • Look up your school district on the list of participating school districts to make sure it is a Teacher Connect partner.
  • Apply at UWA and get admitted.
  • Before the Connect deadline, complete the Teacher Connect Verification Form*. You can send the completed form to teacherconnect@uwa.edu through email.
  • Check the Connect Calendar to make sure you are aware of all deadlines for scholarships. Special class registration deadlines for Connect programs are set sooner than standard deadlines. Only those participants who register for the relevant course(s) by the specified deadline will be eligible for the scholarship.

* If you enroll in more than one degree program at UWA or switch school districts while enrolled in the program, you must reapply for the Teacher Connect Program (complete the Teacher Connect verification form).

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Students Beginning a New Degree at UWA are Required to:

1. Participate in a school system by working there

Teacher Connect collaboration.

2. Stick to all Teacher Connect due dates as

posted in the Connect Calendar at UWA.


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